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A collective celebration of creative expression and exploration of our feminine essence!

Maria and Aisling warmly welcome you to join us on this 3-night group journey to blast open our creative channels. Ascending with Venus into her completion and fullest expression of Capricorn (the crone, the cailleach, wise woman) overstory - a cycle that began in January 2022.


Venus, now appearing in the night sky, will soon journey behind the sun and reappear as a morning star on August 20th. This marks the beginning point of her Leo next 18 months in Leo.

Calling in the kings and queens to unite in this exploration, as we honor the goddess within us all and the multitude of wisdom she holds in all her varying forms.

Over the course of the weekend, we will be exploring the 12 goddess archetypes through various forms of expression. We will learn about the significance of the placement of Venus at the time you were born.


Let's come together to fully ignite the creatrix within and without.

Welcoming all men and women to explore these facets with us.


Singles, couples, and all gender identities WELCOME


Let us remember what it is to be in JOY!


3-Night Accommodation in Private or Shared Rooms

Beautifully prepared Meals each day
(breakfast Lunch & Dinner)

All Workshops Throughout the weekend
(Including Materials for the art with Maria)


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What you Will Receive



A chance to be filled up and nourished by this creative & relaxing weekend surrounded by a lake & ancient woodland on the grounds of a beautiful manor house in the West of Ireland. 


Have all your meals catered by our glorious Chefs who are so thrilled to be sharing their delights with you. 


An opportunity to meet like-minded people, your tribe, heart-centered & creative individuals who are also there to explore more of themselves through Astrology & Art. 


You will be lovingly guided to unlock your creative potential & come away with a magical visionary self-portrait! (no skills needed).


Guided Shamanic Journeys to help you uncover and clear any resistance and blocks - there will be ample space for processing and integration. 


Movement practices, pleasure practices - a unique opportunity to turn your senses alive. 


Unleash your fullest expression through dance, song, and dress up every evening!

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Hosted in  A gorgeous retreat center in the West of Ireland.

The grounds are home to 240 acres of woodland, wildlife, fairy forts and a lake.


There will be divine meals served all weekend, carefully curated by two incredible women who will be nourishing us from the inside out with their culinary delights.

meet Your Hosts


Jon Doe

Aisling Walsh

Reiki Master, Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, Sound Healer and training Astrologer.

Over the course of the weekend, Aisling will be introducing you to the 12 goddess expressions through astrology. She will guide and assist with integrating shamanic journeys - to explore the depths of our subconscious/unseen relationship with our feminine essence, and reclaim lost fragments.

Jane Doe

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James Doe

Maria Johnston

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Visionary Artist, Painting Instructor, Therapeutic Intuitive Art Coach 

Maria will be guiding you to encapsulate the fullest of your creative expression through a series of visionary journeys, and intuitive and practical painting workshops all with the aim to paint your own God/Goddess self-portrait based upon your Venus Archetype.


About Aisling

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Aisling will be guiding and holding the astrology and breathwork portion of the weekend. She has lived in intentional communities in Bali, held numerous retreats in Ireland and is excited to be sharing about the mysteries of Venus and working with each individuals unique feminine expression. She is a fully certified Reiki Master, Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, Sound Healer and training Astrologer. Her passions are working with the shadow and the unseen, and bringing forth whats hidden beneath the surface. 

About Maria

Maria Johnston is a Visionary Artist, Therapeutic Intuitive Art Coach and Painting Teacher. Her work focuses mainly on the subconscious, spiritual or internal realms of the invisible making them visible by translating her visionary experiences into fully-fledged paintings.  She is adept with experience of working with and accessing visionary realms through altered states like dream time and meditation. She has for many years assisted a large number of individuals in opening up their own artistic and visionary capabilities through a combination of dream work, meditation and intuitive art practice. 

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