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Transmission is a group of artists, Dj's, performers, photographers, tech-heads and dreamers who have come together to create a euphoric and an out-of-this world experience of the ancient shamanic journey. The idea around Transmission is one where us, human, dance under the stars and Transmit our good party vibes into space to attract far off life forms to us. It consists of a Vinyl Frontier Stage, made from recycled material resembling a DIY pirate shack with space-like technology, complete with satellite dish, antenna and ariels, which will showcase unknown DJs. Their UFO Mother Ship, suspended amongst the trees, provides an intergalactic experience with gleaming lights and a 45 inset symbol on its underbelly. The most recent addition of this spectacle is a 16 ft Stargate with a swirling Galaxy centre and and LED Clock-like circumference - The portal through which the Aliens pass.

"I became involved with Transmission in 2017 when I met Ali, The founder, and proposed my idea for the Stargate installation which would create a spiral galaxy portal - a wormhole,  for the Aliens to travel from their galaxy to ours"


Part of my work with Transmission was to add another dimension to the visuals with creation of a celestial Stargate Installation. The double-sided installation formed the entrance to the area at Electric Picnic with an LED Light circumference, UV galaxy painting centre on one side, and a moving galaxy projection on the other.

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