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Workshop Description:


Each of us has a rich visual inner world that longs to be expressed fully through us. Much of this expression remains repressed inside ourselves due to belief systems and conditioning from early childhood and beyond. Learn to express and channel out your rich inner world onto canvas without constraints using various meditative and professional oil painting techniques with Visionary Artist Maria Johnston.

In this workshop, Maria will assist you in overcoming your blocks to self-expression through a short and simple creative meditative practice. This tried and tested meditative practice is also designed to allow you to access your full unlimited creative potential by working with the vast subconscious. From this, you will be guided towards creating a painting that expresses the deep subconscious or rich visual inner world of your imagination. Maria will guide participants to channeling out these visual components whilst teaching and sharing her oil painting technique, sharing her vast knowledge and skill to create visually pleasing and balanced artwork that fully expresses your inner vision in a clear and cohesive manner.



The workshop will focus on:

  • Tuning into your inner world or subconscious to retrieve the vision for your artwork through a simple creative meditative practice

  • Overcoming blockages along the way that have prevented you from seeing, trusting or being able to fully express your inner vision

  • Learning how to channel out the inner aspects clearly and cohesively onto canvas using professional layout, lighting setup, and oil painting techniques

  • How to take your paintings to the next level to create outstanding art that really speaks of you

  • Learn how you can apply these techniques to your artwork to elevate your artistic expression going forward

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7 Week Online Course 

You are the Rainbow Bridge!



The Rainbow Bridge is an extremely powerful 7-week course I have developed and shared since out of my own practice and direct experiences of building a greater connection between the subconscious parts of myself by making them conscious. It is a means of bridging the physical and the non-physical through the use of meditation, dream work, chakra work, and artwork. 

And now I am sharing this with others!


By working with a combination of these things you will be better able to connect, understand and draw massive links from the unconscious, spiritual, astral, or energic planes of existence and make them conscious by physicalizing them into form through writing, communication, and painting or drawing. Thus, forming a bridge from within and without,  above and below as we work week by week through each of our primary energy centers - the 7 Chakras 


The course will take place every Wednesday evening from 7-9 pm over Zoom but is designed for you to use this practice beyond the calls by integrating them into your week.


Course Layout:

Each week we will work on a different one of each of the 7 chakras

Week 1 10/2 - Root Chakra

Week 2 17/2   - Sacral Chakra

Week 3  24/2   - Solar Plexus Chakra

Week 4 3/3   - Heart Chakra

Week 5 10/3 - Throat Chakra

Week 6 17/3 - Third Eye Chakra

Week 7 24/3 - Crown Chakra


Diamond integration celebration (Free after course completion on week 31/3 )

Course Content:

- Chakra Awareness, Balancing & Alignment

- Weekly Guided Meditation & Intuitive Painting Sessions

- Learning to work with Energy Healing Modalities & Ascension tools (crystals, oils, food, sound)

- Coaching & Emotional Intelligence

- Practical Integrative Tips & Tools for Everyday Life


- Balanced, harmonized, and healed chakras increases your ability to be an open channel to the divine in all ways

- Becoming creative again, but on a whole new basis!

- Connect disparate parts of self forming a bigger picture to who you are and your purpose

- Open up awareness beyond current perceptions of reality

- Learn how to work with the power of the subconscious​ mind building a stronger relationship with intuition

- Learn how to work with the dream state - dream recording, interpretation, understanding

- Increased wellness, overall wellbeing, feeling more aligned and in flow with life

Course fee:

7 weeks - €175

Payment plan available -

7 weekly installments of €25

Wednesday 23rd October

6:30 -8:30 pm

Connect with the universal powers of sacred geometry and creativity with this short and relaxing painting workshop, where you will learn how to draw and paint beautiful geometric patterns over a cosmic background. You will be assisted in a step by step demonstration of how to achieve your own unique geometric canvas painting.

Tickets are 25 euro (excluding booking fee)

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