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Are you looking to seriously upgrade your painting skills or to start finally take some real action towards being more creative? Make a start by taking a single class with me where I will not only help you sharpen your technique, but also guide you into capturing the innate expression of your inner world by overcoming mental blocks that have held you back from confidently creating in the past.


Suitable for beginners to advanced. I am offering these classes for a reduced price of €35 for an 1.5 hour online class over Zoom.



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1.5 hour class over a Zoom Call

Need help with a particular area of your creative endeavors? Or are you a beginner who is unsure whether painting is even for you? Book a single private class with me for an intensive run through of your particular needs, at the level you are at. Get a kick start to start being more creative, to begin painting again, or to finally that unfinished piece you tossed away because you felt you couldn't improve it. 


I will show you how to get the most out of your own natural artistic abilities and unique creative expression, whatever your level or experience. You will receive one-on-one focused attention from an experienced professional artist. I will share with you my vast knowledge of materials, techniques and artistic secrets I have learned throughout my years of painting to fast track you to where ever your creativity is calling you to go.


Classes are structured and tailored to your precise needs.


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"I went to Maria for help with a painting commission I was doing but despite being an artist myself I found myself stuck in a rut with the acrylic paints and the techniques I needed to get it as realistic as i hoped. She was amazing, she taught me all the skills I needed including how to hold and use the brush correctly, specific paints to use and techniques when painting. She is insanely knowledgable as both an artist with her own talent but also on the art materials and tools you need to get what you want. Would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone!"

- Laura Seed

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