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Maria Johnston is a Visionary Artist from Dublin, Ireland. She has been painting and drawing most of her life, but began seriously in her early teens. Although working mainly in oils on canvas, Maria uses a wide range of materials in her creations. Her paintings have often been described as “other-worldly”, but can be better described as “inner-worldly”, drawing inspiration from her avid interests in dreams & visions, spirituality, nature, science, cosmology, astrology.


Maria began coining herself as visionary artist after she realised a connection between the subject of her artwork and the rich visual inner world of her mind. Through her exploration of dreams and altered states of consciousness, Maria further developed the links between the subject of her dreams and the world around her at large, noting how her dreams and visions are often prophetic in nature, predicting events as, or before they come to be. Maria describes her art as the manifested bridge between the visible and invisible realms.

Music also feeds very much into her creative work. Upon leaving school, Maria decided to take a diversion from art to explore her passion for music. With no prior training, Maria studied music in Trinity College Dublin where she obtained a BA Honors degree and made an important discovery of her love of musical composition. Maria’s music compositions inevitably fed back into her art once she left college and now she spends her time amalgamating the two.

“Art is music and music is art. There is no separation for me. The two are one, and that is another aspect of what I am trying to show through my creations”.


Maria is in the process of merging and sharing her passions building a platform called Visionary Art Music Minds (VAMM). A collective of visionary artists, musicians, spiritual thinkers, creators, healers in Ireland with the collective aim to building a community that bridges creativity and spirituality.

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